Where could a $200,000 Self Managed Superannuation Fund be Invested and what could it Return over 13 Years?
Investment OptionValue after 13 years
Investment Property $589,000
Australian Shares $575,000
Cash Fund $415,000

In this example, it has taken just under 13 years to completely pay off the investment property.

Once the property is paid off, the rental income which is taxed at only 15% goes back into the super fund for additional investment opportunities


What are advantages of using your Self Managed Superannuation fund to Invest in Property?

  • The superannuation fund is used as the deposit
  • Superannuation contributions are used to repay the investment loan
  • No out of pocket costs are required to pay off the loan
  • The rental income will only be taxed at 15%
  • In this example the investment property will be fully paid out before 13 years and begins to create income/additional funds to re-invest
  • Limited risk to personal assets
  • Partners and family member contributions can be combined into one fund, increasing the initial deposit and future contributions/investment property repayments
  • The opportunity exists to eliminate capital gains tax when it comes to selling the investment property

You can learn more about investing in property through your self managed superannuation fund and how to set it up by reading our blog:


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Most Self Managed Superannuation Funds use a combination of shares and investment properties to create the best result. By diversifying this way, it also lessen the chance of all money being lost if one or the other doesn’t do so well.

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