An online property investment analysis, estimates the income/costs of purchasing a specific property over a 25 year period*. This will help determine if the property you're thinking of buying will produce a positive, neutral or negative cash flow, and therefore if it's the right choice for your investment goals.

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An introductory consultation with one of our property consultants is free and will include:

  • A review of your current commitments
  • A comprehensive analysis of your current situation and where you are heading
  • How this will be affected if you decide to invest (positive or negative, we won't sugar coat things) 
  • What properties would be best for you to invest in - new, old, houses, apartments etc.
  • Where you could consider purchasing
  • Tax advantages of investing and a whole lot more...

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*Calculations such as CPI, rent amounts, rental expenses, depreciation, capital growth, income tax rates, insurance costs and interest rates are based on our best possible assumptions and current market trends at the time of calculating the analysis.