To live a modest retirement, most couples will need around $60,000 a year.
Just one investment property could help generate a $1.2 million dollar retirement kitty.
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If you’re earning over $100,000, you will pay around $25,000 a year in income tax.
You can use some of that tax to help fund an investment property.
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It takes about 20 years to completely pay off an average mortgage in Australia.
In this time you could own your home and an investment property.
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Our Perth investment property advisors have years of experience and local property knowledge. Using our proven structures we can assist you throughout your property investment journey and ensure all actions are low risk and have limited or no effect on your current situation. We even check in with you every six months after your handover to ensure this is happening for the life of your property investments.

If you think that it’s time for you to find out how to invest in property, contact us today and book a free in-home consultation. With the aid of our investment property calculator, our Perth property investment advisor will show you exactly how much investing in property can change your future.