Imagine owning two houses instead of one when you retire

It will give you the option to increase your retirement cash flow by living off the investment property rent or selling the property and living off the profits. Increasing your cash flow will ensure you can enjoy the holidays and other plans you might be looking forward to when you no longer have to work.

How do you pay off two houses when you're struggling to pay off your first?

Investment property debt is classified as good debt, we say this because it creates wealth rather than debt. By setting up your structures correctly and utilising government incentives available to every Australian, an investment property often costs you no more than your current expenses.* Read how this is done in our blog "How to Use the Right Structure to Reduce Your Mortgage by Years"

Become self reliant

Planning for retirement can be the difference between being self reliant and relying on the government pension in your golden years. Who knows how much the pension will be in the future or even if it will be available at all.

If you're interested in using property investing to increase your retirement cash flow, we can help. Find out why you would want to use a property investing service rather than go it alone here or read our commonly asked questions.

*Costs of an investment property can vary depending on the current market, age of the investment property, your income and many other variables. Wherever possible we strive to create a neutral or positive cash flow when structuring your investments however costs can be around $50 a week. PEB Group provide a written estimate on how much we expect a property to alter your expenses based on conservative estimates of the current situation.