Family investors have different needs to full time investors, and their property investment structures need to be approached differently. It is fundamental that all investments are structured to have little or no effect on the family budget and involve a protection strategy for the family home.

By helping families invest in just one property, we believe that we are setting them up for a retirement that doesn't solely depend on the government pension. You can read more about that philosophy in our blog "Why You Don’t Need 10 Properties to Retire Comfortably".

PEB Property Investments has helped hundreds of Perth families:
  • Create goals
  • Establish a plan to create wealth through property
  • Find the best property for investment purposes
  • Navigate the build processes
  • Review goals;
  • And by offering on-going after sales support

PEB Property Investments & our affiliated Brokers can assist you to:

  • Calculate future financial projections
  • Re-finance and consolidate finances
  • Structure loans to protect the family home

By Investing in Property you can:

  • Minimise the tax you pay
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner
  • Create wealth for your retirement


By enlisting the services of a property investment mentor, you'll have a coach by your side guiding you through the minefield of legislation, tax rules and other hurdles. This will in turn save your family money and improve your position, year on year. So talk to the people that care by calling 0419 950 997.


Building Wealth through Property – A Case Study on Property Investment

John and Mary* had their first consultation with PEB Property Investments in 2011. They were in their mid 40’s, had an average mortgage and a reasonably large credit card debt. They planned on retiring around the age of 60 to travel Australia.

“Like most Australians, John and Mary* hadn’t calculated where their finances needed to be for their retirement plans to happen” said Rick from PEB Property Investments.

“Their current situation didn’t look good, in fact if they kept going the way they were, they would still be paying their home loan off well after they turned 65. If they wanted to be mortgage free and have a decent income in retirement, they needed to invest their money now to build wealth for the future.”

With the help of PEB Property Investments, John and Mary* set their goals; to pay off their personal debt and build a retirement fund worth at least $1.2 million by the time they reached 60.

It’s only been five years since this first consultation and John and Mary* have paid $62,000 off their personal debt and with the increase in equity of $254,000 on their investment properties, are well on their way to reaching their retirement fund goal of $1.2 million.

Here’s their story in numbers

In 2011, John and Mary’s* situation looked like this:

Home debt $394,000 - monthly payment $2300

Credit cards $20,000 - monthly payment $520

Car loans $34,000 - monthly payment $890

Total personal debt $448,000 - Total payments $3242 per month

Combined Income tax $42,000 in 2012

John and Mary purchased two properties in Victoria. The first in 2011 for $347,000 followed by the second in 2013 for $389,000.

In 2016, John and Mary’s* situation looks like this:

Total Personal debt $386,000 - Total personal payments $1608 per month

Combined Income tax $29,000 in 2016

Property 1 now valued at $520,000 profit $173,000

Property 2 now valued at $470,000 profit $81,000

Total gain on property value $254,000

*Client’s names have been changed.

PEB Property Group offers a complete armchair experience with our affiliated partners. Not only can we help plan and implement investments and finances; but we can also help manage or sell your property with our affiliated partners all around the metropolitan area.