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Don't be the Landlord with a Drug Problem!

Imagine this… You’re browsing your Facebook news feed and you see a news story with images of a familiar street. You open the story and it turns out a drug lab has been found on the same street as your rental property. Suddenly your phone lights up and your mates have seen the same thing. “Mate, hope it’s not your house…” The questions flood in, and you begin to worry about your investment property.

Three ways Perth’s Current Rental Climate is Changing how an Investment Property is Managed

With the rental vacancy rate in WA well over 5%, some Landlords become hungry and desperate to find that elusive tenant. Unfortunately this desperation leads to poor decisions and a lot of the time, the outcome isn’t pretty.

Should I Buy an Old or New Property for Investment?

It’s one of the most common questions: If I'm going to invest in property, should I buy a new or established property?

Landlord Fined $24,000 for Tenancy Law Breaches

When you're a landlord and you step on the wrong side of the law, you very rarely come out in front.

Rain, Rain go away or at least give me time to prepare!

With winter nearly upon us, now is the time to think about maintenance on your rental property, ensuring it will stand up against the strong winds and heavy rains that the winter storms are bound to bring.