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Is Expert Advice Really Required when Purchasing an Investment Property?

Here we go again...Yes I know, you have heard it all before “We will show you how you can slash years off your home loan!”

Why Now is Always the Best Time to Buy an Investment Property

Why Aren’t People Buying Property Now? Despite the doom and gloom in the media about the state of the property market, “Now” is always the right time to invest in property.

How to Use the Right Property Investment Strategies to Reduce Your Mortgage by Years

Knowing how to set up the right structure for both your home and investment properties can have a dramatic effect on equity and the amount of time your loans take to pay off.

Why You Don’t Need 10 Properties to Retire Comfortably

We’ve all seen the TV shows, books and wealth seminars by young property millionaires who own dozens, sometimes hundreds of investment properties and for some reason are eager to show you how to do the same – for a fee.

Why Invest in Property?

Australian’s have a love affair with property but have you ever stopped and thought about why exactly your family should invest in property?