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It’s on for young and old

A smaller investment property limits your prospective tenants or buyers right? Yes … A smaller investment property limits your target to Gen Y, Seniors, Retirees, Downsizers, Divorcees, and Widowers.

Property Investor’s anxiety, do you have it? (part 2)

In our last blog we looked at six key strategies all property investors should consider to ensure a stress free journey. Our final tips are related to your finances and you should make sure they are covered when organising your investments with your financial broker.

Property investor’s anxiety, do you have it? (part 1)

Do you have many “what if” questions buzzing around in your head? Are they keeping you awake at night? Here are our six key strategies to reduce your property investor’s anxiety and get you on your way to stress free investing.

Three must do’s to tackle vacancy rates

Do you want to ensure your investment maximises your returns and continues to bring you the income you intended year round? With a little planning, you can ensure that you do not lose unnecessary rent when the economy is low and vacancy rates are high.

The Potential Tax Benefits of Property Investment

The purchase of an investment property is a popular choice for many Australians looking to build their personal wealth. Here is a brief guide to the main tax benefits associated with property investment.