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Don't be the Landlord with a Drug Problem!

Imagine this… You’re browsing your Facebook news feed and you see a news story with images of a familiar street. You open the story and it turns out a drug lab has been found on the same street as your rental property. Suddenly your phone lights up and your mates have seen the same thing. “Mate, hope it’s not your house…” The questions flood in, and you begin to worry about your investment property.

Keep your Insurance Going in Tough Times

During tough economic times, you may look for ways to cut your expenses. However, when reviewing your budget, insurance should be one of the last items examined.

Reduce the Long‑Term Cost of Your Insurance

"With a bit of guidance, there are ways to structure insurance premiums to be a lot more economical over the life of a policy than by just taking out a standard, off-the-shelf policy" said Rebecca Howarth, Director of PEB Financial Planning.

Four Insurances worth the Investment

Borrowing money whether for investing or purchasing the family home, can increase anyone’s stress levels. We start to think about how we are going to repay the loan should something happen to us or even worse, how will my family survive if I’m not around anymore to take care of them?

Insurance Key to Weathering Disasters

A tornado-strength storm in Sydney, flooding in Geelong and devastating bushfires in Western Australia and Victoria have reminded us once again how exposed we are to natural disasters in our wide brown land. Our geography has the capacity to deliver destructive floods, bushfires, severe storms, tropical cyclones and even earthquakes. While we can’t control the weather, we can take steps to reduce our risk, including making sure we have adequate home insurance cover.