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All investments carry a risk, some more than others! We explain which is the safest!

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Children certainly don’t come with an instruction manual. From the time they’re learning to crawl, parents begin teaching their children about right and wrong, personal safety, manners and morals. Over time, children are taught about stranger-danger, healthy eating and personal accountability. Interestingly however, many Australian parents leave out one of the most important survival skills their children will need in the future - how to take care of themselves financially.

Keep your Insurance Going in Tough Times

During tough economic times, you may look for ways to cut your expenses. However, when reviewing your budget, insurance should be one of the last items examined.

Reduce the Long‑Term Cost of Your Insurance

"With a bit of guidance, there are ways to structure insurance premiums to be a lot more economical over the life of a policy than by just taking out a standard, off-the-shelf policy" said Rebecca Howarth, Director of PEB Financial Planning.

10 ways to reduce your Home Loan faster

Years can be cut off the term of a home loan by being smart with it's management and making a few small adjustments to spending habits. Dave from PEB Finance tells us his top 10 tips for getting ahead.