There’s no need to be a scaredy cat when it comes to allowing pets in a rental property. 

Let’s face it, a lot of tenants find looking for and keeping a rental property stressful. It can be hard for them to find a place that is close to their work, school and family. Throw a pet into the equation and it makes it even harder; with over half of all landlords in Perth not willing to look at applications from people that own pets. 

The funny thing is, rent-seekers and landlords have something in common, they both (potentially) have pets. So why is it so hard for a tenant to find a place that approves pets? As a property investor, think of the opportunities that open up when a rental is offered to a pet owner. 

Pets are great for mental health, fitness and act as great companions, therefore, a stress-free, pet-owning tenant could help to maintain tenant stability. 

Yes...pets can sometimes be a bit smelly, and yes… they can get up to mischief, but is it worth eliminating these people as potential tenants, reducing prospective tenants by around 50 percent and possibly increasing an investment properties chance of being vacant for longer?

Here are some other reasons why it could benefit a landlord to allow pets in a rental...

1. It can help keep tenants organised.
Being motivated to feed, groom and exercise pets can help people get into a routine. Routines mean organisation and planning, two behaviours which are beneficial to mental health and wellbeing.

2. Socialising pets can get tenants active and out of the house!
Those daily walks, dog clubs, puppy schools and cat shows encourage a sense of socialisation fot the pet and the owner. Getting out with a pet can improve social interactions and fitness levels.

3. Pets = Commitment
When tenants have a pet, they commit to a responsibility to give their companion a loving and safe home. Once they find a rental they love, with the ability to have a pet in residence, their commitment will likely extend to maintaining a stable homelife for their pet. i.e. Once Rufus is settled, they won’t want to move him in a hurry!

We know that having a tenant with a pet is not always rosy, so here are a couple of safeguards to put in place that will reduce the chance of damage to an investment property: 

We know that having a tenant with a pet is not always rosey, so here are a couple of safeguards to put in place that will reduce the chance of damage to an investment property:

 Use a good property manager that knows the laws on having pets in rentals

  • Request a pet bond. At present this is $260

  • Keep up regular inspections on the property checking for:

Additional wear and tear on carpets and floor boards

Heavy soiling of grout, carpets and other flooring

Any damage from claws or chewing to walls, doors including the backs, skirtings and fly screens

Signs of fleas in carpets

  • Request the carpets are treated for fleas when a tenant vacates

  • If all else fails and the tenant is not looking after the property as stated in the tenancy agreement, issue a breach

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