Good things come to those who wait....patiently


When I was a kid, I wanted everything to happen...yesterday. I’d get frustrated with the time it took to save my pocket money, work towards goals and every year it felt like Christmas could not come soon enough. I’d pray and wish and hope that Christmas would arrive and presents would be shared. I’d even get frustrated counting down the ‘sleeps’!

My poor mother would plead with me… ‘sweetheart some things take time’ … ‘sweetheart goals require effort’ and ‘sweetheart good things come to those who wait’. And wait I did - but it wasn’t the quiet sort of waiting, it was loud and whiny and pathetic.

As I grew older, I resisted the urge to complain and I started to learn the value of working towards goals and waiting patiently for them to blossom. My first car was purchased after long hours earning pocket money from car washing. I was rewarded with my first career changing role after years working long hours in an industry I love. And my first home was purchased following years of saving for a deposit.

At PEB, we know it can be frustrating watching your investment ride the rollercoaster through interest rate rises, recessions and economic fragilities…. But an investment needs to be nurtured and cared for, until one day it blooms. It is constantly working for you and has its ups and downs; but like my mother said, good things really do come to those who wait. And if you wait patiently, and you commit to the long-term goals of investing, you really will reap the benefits.




  • If you are not willing to wait, (and some people aren’t) - then you are not ready to invest

  • If you think property is a get rich quick scheme and focused on the short term - do not use our services as we believe in long-term goals for wealth creation

  • If you do not understand that it takes work AND hard work at that, to successfully invest in property - educate yourself about what is involved before jumping in

  • If you are not ready for the ups AND downs that are out of your control - ask yourself why? And when will you be ready to start working towards your wealth creation goals

  • If you play the victim and blame others for your shortcomings, failed investments and poor decisions - learn to OWN every decision you make, and learn from them, after all life is a big learning curve


What we are saying is that you shouldn’t invest in property if:


  • You think we’re a get rich quick property investment company or;

  • You’re not comfortable with taking small risks or;

  • You are not ready


If you want to be a property investor, you need to understand that:


  • The value of a property that is at the bottom or near to the bottom of the market, may go down even further in the short term

  • When property prices are down the economy is usually also down

  • Fear at the bottom of an economic and property cycle is perhaps at its highest – emotions can play havoc with good decision making so investors need to stay calm and think long-term to reap the rewards


What we know from experience:


  • We started Property Equity Builders in 2010

  • We sold house and land packages in Melbourne in the first few years

  • We received calls from a few clients, unhappy that they had purchased in a flat market after educating them on the strategy

  • Some of these clients decided to sell

  • The ones that held have now got high capital growths, in turn, low LVR’s and high rents as compared to original purchase price

  • Perth is now the time to buy – push those emotions aside and start your research and then wait patiently for things to happen


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