The Gosnells Police have provided REIWA with some helpful crime prevention tips for owners and property managers of vacant rental properties. 

Recently, Police have seen a significant increase in burglary offences occurring at properties not currently tenanted. Officers have identified several burglaries in recent weeks, in particular within the Gosnells policing sub-district. 

If you are the owner or property manager of an unoccupied property, there are a few crime prevention tips you can implement to minimise the risk of a burglary: 

  • Check the mail box regularly to avoid junk mail building up.
  • Keep gardens well maintained, not overgrown.
  • Every few days attend the property and turn the lights on overnight so it appears someone is home.
  • Communicate with the neighbours so they are aware of the situation. Pass on your contact details so they can advise you if anything suspicious does happen.
  • Be vigilant when providing address details of the vacant premises to people who claim to be looking for a rental.
  • Check that windows and external doors are locked securely every time prior to leaving the property.

These suggestions are minimal in cost and effort, and could save you in the long run. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. 

This article first appeared on 28th September 2017 of the REIWA enewsletter, the original blog post article can be found on the REIWA website.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this document is of a general nature and you should consider your own individual personal circumstance.