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Why should I have an offset account?

With interest rates at an historical low, now could be the time to make the most of your disposable income and pay off your mortgage sooner with an offset savings account.

Christmas is a Time for Giving!

  • Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2016 by PEB Group
  • Budgeting

Giving gifts at Christmas time can make you feel good in December but if you get everything that everyone wants, how are you going to feel in January???

Keep your Insurance Going in Tough Times

During tough economic times, you may look for ways to cut your expenses. However, when reviewing your budget, insurance should be one of the last items examined.

Reduce the Long‑Term Cost of Your Insurance

"With a bit of guidance, there are ways to structure insurance premiums to be a lot more economical over the life of a policy than by just taking out a standard, off-the-shelf policy" said Rebecca Howarth, Director of PEB Financial Planning.

5 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

If you wanted a home loan 20 years ago you went to a bank. With no internet, you couldn't Google the best loan or even find the location of the closest bank, it was up to you to do all the leg work! Fast forward to today and over half of all borrowers are using a mortgage broker to find the right loan for them. So why use a mortgage broker rather than trusted Google?