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Are you bushfire ready?

It may not seem like it now, but this summer is set to be a scorcher. Is your property bush-fire ready?

Will your Life Insurance Policy Cover you?

Do you have life insurance through your industry super fund? Have you checked that it covers you for all that you need?

Why Compare your Insurances?

If you’re a property owner, then you’re probably a proud owner of a bit of debt and the repayments that come with it! Hopefully you've also got life insurance setup to cover this debt should something happen to your income.

Should I team up with a family member to purchase my first home

If you’re single or in the position where you might not have quite enough borrowing capacity to purchase your first home, then you might need to consider “Property Share” but what is it and how does it work?

Spring clean your home for a spring property sale

The sunshine is out (mostly!) and spring is in the air. The winter blues are almost over and it’s time to declutter, clean, repair and get into the garden. Whether you are thinking about selling or renting your property, now is the time to get your property ready for visitors. We have some handy tips to get your house into order: