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Why Invest in Property?

Australian’s have a love affair with property but have you ever stopped and thought about why exactly your family should invest in property?

How Negative Gearing Affects your Property Investment Plan?

The recent heated debate over abolishing negative gearing on investment properties highlights the need for all property investors to have a clear plan for their investment future.

How to be a successful property investor - Part 2

There are many ways to ensure a successful property investment journey. Here are our final seven steps to consider before diving in.

How to be a successful property investor - Part 1

Here's our first of two blogs on how to be a successful property investor (or how not to fail). We recommend using it as a checklist before you commit to spending any of your heard earned cash.

5 reasons there’s bigger opportunities in smaller investment properties

Got big ideas about entering into the property market or expanding your property investment portfolio? Sometimes thinking bigger means buying smaller. Here’s 5 reasons more and more savvy investors are making the switch to 1 or 2 bedroom houses in Perth.