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How to Avoid Getting Burned by Property Investment Hot spots

Property investment hotspots make for nice reading in the media but all property investors need to be wary of being burned by the hype

Stay at Home Millennials May Be Smart Property Investors

The trend for young adults to stay at home longer may actually be a good wealth building strategy

Estate Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy for a disgruntled family member to say “I am going to challenge the Will”. However, there are only a few limited ways in which a Will can be challenged.

Don’t Lose Your Existing Home Equity When Buying an Investment Property

Getting the wrong property investment advice unfortunately can result in the most costly mistake of your life, losing you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Right Way to Use a Financial Planner to Build Wealth

Almost all successful people will tell you that paying for good professional advice is an essential part of achieving your goals. Even Bill Gates seeks financial advice from Warren Buffett.