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Three ways Perth’s Current Rental Climate is Changing how an Investment Property is Managed

With the rental vacancy rate in WA well over 5%, some Landlords become hungry and desperate to find that elusive tenant. Unfortunately this desperation leads to poor decisions and a lot of the time, the outcome isn’t pretty.

Why Choosing the Right Ownership Type is so Important for a Property Investor

"If you’re thinking of investing in property with another party, selecting the right ownership is essential,” says Rick Collova, director of PEB Group. We find many couples select a “Joint tenants” agreement because they don’t know the difference or they didn’t know there was another option.

Should I Buy an Old or New Property for Investment?

It’s one of the most common questions: If I'm going to invest in property, should I buy a new or established property?

Confused about NRAS?

Housing affordability in this country is a very hot topic and one that most people are aware of, especially the younger generations and governments.

Landlord Fined $24,000 for Tenancy Law Breaches

When you're a landlord and you step on the wrong side of the law, you very rarely come out in front.