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Looking for Instant Gratification?

It’s not a bold statement to say that today’s society is always on the lookout for instant gratification as we all know it’s true these days. It may be in the form of retail therapy, where you want that big screen TV, don’t have the money but are happy to use a 36 month interest free card.

Four Things you can do Today to Start Saving Money

  • Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016 by PEB Finance
  • Budgeting

No matter how much we earn, we always feel that we never have enough money. As the old saying goes, the more we earn the more we spend.

Four Insurances worth the Investment

Borrowing money whether for investing or purchasing the family home, can increase anyone’s stress levels. We start to think about how we are going to repay the loan should something happen to us or even worse, how will my family survive if I’m not around anymore to take care of them?

What Separates Successful Property Investors from Failed Ones

“There is one key trait that will determine if you will be a successful property investor, and that is your resilience,” according to Rick Collova, Director at PEB Group.

Booms, Busts and Property Bubbles - How Property Investors recognise where we are in the Market.

Lets face it, no-one has a crystal ball but if history teaches us anything, it is this; there are 4 clear phases or cycles within the property industry that you should be aware of, not only when purchasing your property but when times also hit a low point.