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Dave CaffarelliFinance Broker (B.Bus)

It was the early 90's when I commenced my career in the Financial Services industry. I've seen my lenders change their policies countless times, introduce new and outrageous promotions to attract the type of borrowers that they want to attract at the time and best of all, watched the interest rates drop to their current all time low. Saying this, my love isn't learning about the countless different products and lenders that are available, it's how I get to change the lives of the families I work with, and how I can create a better future for them to look forward to. I've studied and tested almost all of products that are available from the hundreds of lenders in Australia, and I know how to use them to my client's advantage. This helps my clients reduce their home loans faster and ultimately reach financial freedom sooner. I'm not all work though and sometimes you will find me out enjoying a meal with my precious family and friends or maybe even strumming a guitar with my band mates from The Memphis Rockers, make sure you come and say hi.