At PEB Property Group, we plan to be your “Partners for life”. This means that we will plan, implement, continually assess and improve your financial goals, so you can get on and enjoy living.

We have affiliated number of real estate agents that we work with for both for sales and property management. We have property investment advisors and property development advisors within the group and we also have affiliated partners with financial planners and  finance brokers to give you the full package.

PEB Property Group alongside our closely affiliated partners, have the same goal, and that is to help our clients gain security and wealth. In doing so we hope to become a trusted advice partner to hundreds of families across the state.

What do you want to know more about?
Financial PlanningInvestment Properties for sale

We can also offer:

  • Quality house and land packages
  • Settlement services
  • Property conveyancing
  • Accounting solutions



PEB Property Group along with our affiliated partners is a complete property and wealth planning service for Perth families.