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PEB Invest is a property investment company, we will:

  • Introduce you to property investing and how you can benefit by adding an investment property to your assets
  • Hold your hand through the entire process and make sure our suppliers are acting in your best interest
  • Conduct six monthly “health checks” on your situation to see if you are achieving the results from your investment that you desired
  • Pair you with one of our preferred finance brokers to arrange your finances
  • Source all inclusive house and land packages that suit property investment
  • Pair you with one of our preferred settlement agents to handle your property settlement
  • Manage your property with our in-house property manager
  • Pair you with one of our preferred insurance brokers to manage your insurances
  • Pair you with one of our preferred accountants to manage your finances

There is no money exchange from clients to PEB Invest, we offer our guidance at no ‘out of pocket’ costs to our clients.

PEB Invest is paid by our suppliers (land developers and/or builders) for marketing and referring their products. We act as their sales and marketing team that they otherwise would not have.

How do you tell someone in writing to trust us? We don’t think it’s possible, that’s why you can talk with our clients and ask them. Ask them if we were there for THEM. Ask them if we were there for every step of the process. Ask them and confirm with them if we are still there 'post sale' and do we continue to be there. Ask them if and how we have changed and materialised their goals in the positive. Just ask us for their contact details.

We are real and we won't promise to make you a multimillionaire within record time, it is not our aim nor what we do. We are however, very happy to tell you that by letting us show you how to invest in property and help you through the process; you will be able to use your tax wisely, pay off your mortgage sooner and set yourselves up for a better retirement.

  • We are with you through the entire process from the initial setup and signing of the contracts, updating you through the build process and monitoring the property manager to find a tenant. We also offer six monthly “health checks” for as long as you need them to ensure your goals are being reached. We will not leave you once you have signed on the dotted line
  • We will offer you a choice of low risk properties including properties from other builders as well as our own so you will not be pigeon holed into investing in a property that might not suit your situation
  • We always allow for a backup plan in our strategies

You should have a combined income of at least $100,000, depending on other circumstances such as your financial situation and equity in your current residential home.

  • YES, most people can afford an investment property, it is not only for the rich. Most of our properties will create a positive cash-flow or have you break even
  • We apply a ‘worst case’ scenario should economic situations change and this can see you negative anywhere up to $50 per week; although negative cash-flow is not our goal
  • Any investment vehicle needs to be able to stand on its own and property is no different
  • It’s simple mathematics, no fancy tricks, the more funds you put into your home loan, the quicker it will be paid off. By adding an investment property, our aim is to improve your cash-flow enabling you to pay more into your home loan each week. The amount of time this will take off your mortgage depends on many variables but we can say that many of our clients have paid large sums off their mortgage within a very short period of time
  • Losing focus on your goal is the easiest way to extend the life of your mortgage. Our free six monthly “health check” reminds you of what you are working towards
  • Our properties are independently researched and we will only present opportunities that we would be happy to invest in ourselves
  • An essential requirement for the properties we choose is that wherever possible, they will return a positive cash flow for you. That means that by paying the right amount for the property, obtaining a high rental yield and setting up structures that work, you end up with more cash to pay off your home loan than you would without an investment property. We do this by researching the market, some of the features we look for in a property are:
    • The rental yield is high (Gross rental yield = Annual rental / property value x 100)
    • The vacancy rate in the area is low
    • Current rental housing trends in the area to ensure we are investing in properties that are in demand
    • It is in an area that has good capital growth potential
    • The property is close to amenities
  • Our independent property research is included with each property portfolio

Of course, you are welcome to visit us at our Perth offices in Inglewood or Willetton at any time, day or night. Book your free consultation with one of our property investment advisors today.

Property Management

Our average vacancy rate after handover currently sits at three weeks. We work with you to find the right strategy to attract your tenant. Read our blog on tackling rental vacancies.